I have been working as a press photographer since 1984 at the daily newspaper Keskipohjanmaa in Kokkola, Finland. Before that I studied languages in Turku. So, I can ask people to look at me in three different languages when I take their photograph. Which is nice. However, I don't have a proper education as a photographer. Which is not so nice. I have participated in workshops by Martin Parr, Paul Graham, John Berger, Brian Griffin, Chris Killip and Leonard Freed. Meeting these people has been a privilege. These workshops have been of greatest importance to me.

1985 “Photographs from London and Paris” with Markku Jokela in Kokkola, Helsinki and Nokia.
1986 “Is this Kokkola” with Markku Jokela in Kokkola.
1986 “Rock pics” with Esa Melametsä in Kokkola.
1988 “Abroad” wth Esa Melametsä in Kokkola, Tallinn, Tartto, Helsinki and Jyväskylä.
1989 “Drops Of Fire” a collaboration of photographs, poetry, music and dance in Kokkola with Esa Melametsä, Kari Ilmonen and Ari Auvinen.
1996 Digital photo portraits with Jukka Lehojärvi in Kokkola.
2012 "BOX!" Boxing photographs, in Reisjärvi and Kokkola.
2013 "Smoking" Kokkola and Oulu (part of the exhibition "Muotokuva - Portrait" with Noora Isoeskeli, Maria Mäki, Jaana Rannikko, Aki Roukala, Leena Ylä-Lyly).
2014 "Smoking" Vaasa, Photogallery IBIS.
2015 "Smoking" Loviisa, Krinti.
2016 "Smoking" Helsinki, Laterna Magica.

1997 "Matkalla" with Esa Melametsä, Jukka Lehojärvi, Päivi Karjalainen, Michael Neunstedt and Vesa Pajala.